Above, Down, Inside, Out

Above, Down, Inside, Out

We often think of our health and wellbeing relative to the entire human body. Have you ever wondered about the catalyst that’s actually behind the body’s ability to function? As a chiropractor, my goal is to educate and expand my patients’ understanding that the nervous system is the master controller of every system in our body. We look at the brain as the transformer, which receives, transmits, sorts, and discerns information. It then relays (fires) signals through the brain stem and into the spinal cord. From this point, specific messages are sent to the exact point along the spinal column and from there, the messages are transmitted to organs, muscles, tissues, and systems, which in turn generates a response. This entire process happens in less than a split second—quite a miracle if you think about it! Subconsciously and consciously, thoughts become actions every second of every day through the chemical reactions in our nervous system.

When was the last time you checked your heartbeats, blood pressure, respiration, ph/acid balance in your stomach, the function of your ears, eyes, nose, throat? How about proper blood flow to your brain, heart, and all other organs? Many of us don’t realize the significance and complexity of our automatic bodily functions. And it all begins from above in the brain, then down through the spinal column, from the inside of the column, and out to the various organs and systems.

Never forget how important the brain, the spinal column, and the nervous system are to reaching optimal health!

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