What can your back and neck exam tell you about your health?

Dr. Richard Danubio and his staff at Danubio Chiropractic are dedicated to making sure all possible troubled areas in your back and neck are assessed and documented. The initial physical exam will establish your health benchmark. Our goal is to provide you with notable progress in reaching your ideal level of health and fitness. Below is a detailed account of what to expect during your first back and neck exam.

What is sEMG?

sEMG diagramsEMG stands for surface electromyography. sEMG exams measure muscle tension, the amount of electrical activity in muscles when they contract. As sEMG exam is similar to an EKG exam, which measures heart muscle activity.

Is it Painful?

Not at all! It is non-invasive and does not cause pain or irritation. This makes it safe for infants, children, pregnant women, and seniors. It simply requires the placement of small electrodes against the skin. The test itself takes only a few minutes.

Why is Muscle Activity Important?

Muscles have a tendency to tense in an effort to brace against pain and injury. This is a natural defense mechanism of the human body.

What do The Results Mean?

Colors indicate levels of tension: GREEN represents average, PINK is moderately high, and RED shows a high level of tension. YELLOW
readings show abnormally tired muscles. Arrows show the direction of an imbalance

How Does This Relate to Your Health?

Just as an EKG can help determine the health of your heart, the back and neck exam results provide important physiological information, which helps both Dr. Danubio and his staff measure your response to care, document your health more effectively, and track your progress over time. Your doctor’s chosen care can have many positive benefits. In most cases, your sEMG tests will become normal and balanced over time.

What is Thermography?

The difference in blood flow creates differences in temperature as displayed by colored bars. The farther the bar extends, the greater the spinal problem. sEMG and thermography data help your healthcare provider choose the best care for your needs. Your progress will be evaluated with follow-up testing.

Danubio Chiropractic wants all their patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during their first visit. Stop by our office and we’ll be happy to show you around as well as introduce you to our friendly and informative staff!