Back Pain During Pregnancy?!

Back Pain During Pregnancy?!

The vast majority of women (50-80 percent) experience back pain during their pregnancy. It is an issue that most women can agree on–back pain while carrying a baby is a definite health concern!

So what are your options?

Here are a few natural at-home remedies to get you started on a path to pain-free:

Exercise can help strengthen the muscles in your back, neck, and abdomen. Yoga and pilates are best. Always check with your doctor to make sure your exercise routine is safe for you and your baby.
— If you have a job that keeps you confined to a desk for the majority of your day, practice good posture and use a footstool.
— Use a body pregnancy pillow and rest as much as possible.
— Keep an eye on your weight gain. 25-35 pounds is considered a healthy amount. The more weight, the more strain you will experience on your back.
— Visit Danubio Chiropractic for regular adjustments! We treat women throughout their entirety of their pregnancy. We also work with children of all ages, including newborns! Check out our Chiro Kids page for more information.

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