Childhood Obesity Causes Back Problems, Cardiovascular Disease

American children are increasingly susceptible to what used to be known as “adult diseases.” Cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes are as common now in children as they are in adults. What’s the cause of these diseases in our young population? According to recent data released by the American Heart Association, it’s a sedentary lifestyle and choice of diet.

Sugar is the culprit

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and dental decay are all linked to one common enemy: sugar. One of the key ways to decrease the chances of these illnesses is to decrease the amount of sugar in your child’s diet. At Danubio Chiropractic Offices, we recommend making your child lunch every day to bring to school so they aren’t tempted to purchase sweets or junk food at the cafeteria. Try cooking health homemade meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables five nights a week. Most importantly, set a good example for your kids by not eating foods high in sugar; kids look up to adults and often mimic their behavior. Setting good habits for yourself will instill good eating habits in your children.

Sugar, Obesity and Back Pain

Too much sugar and a sedentary lifestyle are directly correlated to childhood obesity. When children are overweight, this can cause back pain due to the extra strain muscles and joints are under to carry a heavier frame around. As a result, parents often spend hundreds of dollars on pain medications that only suppress the problem. Our Peabody chiropractic office wants parents to know that pain medication isn’t the solution to treating your child’s back or neck pain. Talk to Dr. Danubio today to discuss a chiropractic adjustment plan that works for your child to improve their flexibility and mobility and decrease their pain.

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