Expand Your Vision!

Expand Your Vision!

Many of us think in the short term, rather than seeing the big picture. There’s a difference between a bucket list and a set of specific clearly-defined goals. When we talk about aspirations, they should be clearly detailed, set within a timeframe, and always remember the reason for setting each goal. First, ask yourself if the goals are realistic. Second, have you outlined the steps you’re willing to take to achieve the goal? And finally, are you mentally focused enough to not only start, but charge ahead to the end?

A summary of these points was explained to me by a physician many years ago. It’s called the Be + Do = Have philosophy.

BE = your frame of mind/attitude
DO = steps of action
HAVE = obtain the goal

Many people live this in the reverse. In other words, when I have the goal then I can do things and then I can be the person I want to be. You should also remember that “the road to success is always under construction.” There will always be obstacles and challenges because nothing is a smooth pathway.

Remember, goals are not wishes. You must define who you are, list and categorize your goals, and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Follow the Be + Do = Have philosophy and you could reach your social, financial, spiritual, health, business, and personal goals.

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