Golf & Chiropractic: Longevity for the Game We Love

Spinal biomechanics & our favorite summer sport.

Chiropractic is a game within a game when it comes to the sport of golf. Spinal biomechanics with proper balance, torque, extension, and fluid motion are key to striking that little white ball on a tee that sits an inch or less above the ground. Getting the most out of your game means getting the most out of your spine with proper spinal mechanics.

Many us “weekend warriors” place an extraordinary amount of physical demand on our spines (joints, discs, muscle nerves). Essentially, we are asking the spine to do 3 physical motions simultaneously for each and every swing. To make matters worse, many of us don’t take the time to stretch or condition our body for the repetitive stress and strain our spine undergoes. And as a result, our bodies break down.

How can you help your body heal & also be proactive?

Over 75% of pro golfers utilize chiropractic care to reduce injuries, improve spinal mechanics, as well as treatment for hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee injuries. A chiropractor can also help improve flexibility (spinal joint mobility)—which will tremendously improve your game.

If your spinal mechanics don’t change, then your golf score won’t either! You will risk the slow deterioration of your spinal health. The following have very little to do with improving your game and health:

  • fancy new golf clubs
  • the right golf pro
  • the right golf course
  • the newest golf attire

It’s all about proper spinal alignment, flexibility, and balance through chiropractic adjustment, combined with specific exercises and stretches designed to fit your body!

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Header image retrieved from “Macedonian Golf Federation“.

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