Headaches: They’re Not “All in Your Head”

Headaches: They’re Not “All in Your Head”

Check out these interesting facts about one of the most common health complaints in America:

  • Migraines are actually hereditary! If a child has 1 parent who suffers, their chance of experiencing them too jumps to 50%. If 2 parents suffer, this number jumps to 75%!
  • Have you ever noticed that directions on nose spray bottles suggest that you stop using the spray after 3 consecutive days? This is because your nose will actually react to the constant exposure to medication by clogging–perhaps even worse than you started with. Did you know that something similar happens with headaches? You can get a “rebound headache” from taking too many headache medications over a long period of time. The pain will not cease until you give up the medication entirely!
  • Headaches are not a 21st-century condition. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans would treat headaches with various herbs, including lavender, peppermint, and chamomile.
  • Headaches are the result of interactions between the brain, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves. These nerves extend outward from the spine. No wonder chiropractic care can offer relief!
  • Females experience headaches at a much higher rate than males. This gender discrepancy may partially be explained the fact that headaches are tied to hormones. Many women experience them in the days just before the onset of their menstrual cycle. However, men are more likely to suffer from cluster headaches. These are often extremely debilitating.
  • A quarter of all females in America suffer from headaches. 8 in every 100 males also experience them.
  • No wonder headaches are so common–the triggers are everywhere! These include caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, stress, dehydration, nuts, flashing lights, and loud noises. Who knew?!

Want more info on headaches and chiropractic care? Check out our page specifically devoted to the condition. If you’re one of the millions suffering from headache pain, you need to give Dr. Danubio a call so he can determine the cause of your headaches and decide if chiropractic care is a viable solution!

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