How to Stay Energized & Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be tiring for some and downright exhausting for most. Between traveling, finishing up last-minute work projects before the new year, and shopping for friends and family, it’s surprising we all manage to get through it each year.

The key to staying energized and health this holiday season is keeping your body healthy. Here are a few tips from our Peabody chiropractor, Dr. Danubio.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear while holiday shopping. Although online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, there are still some who brave shopping malls. If you’re one of those die-hards, be sure to put on a pair of sneakers for added support for your spine.
  • Stay hydrated and lay off the caffeine if you can. Sometimes it’s tempting not to drink a lot of water during the cold months, but by doing this you run the risk of being dehydrated due to the crisp air and all the running around buying presents. Pack a water bottle when you head out the door to do your gift shopping.
  • The majority of us wrap gifts on the floor, which means we’re hunched over for nearly an hour or more and contorting our bodies while trying to wrap every inch of the gifts we’re giving. Instead, use a waist-high table on which to wrap gifts; it will relieve your back and neck pain.
  • If you’ve been wrapping presents for a long time or you’ve been shopping online for awhile, don’t forget to get up and stretch or head to the gym for some cardio. It’s important to keep blood circulation at it’s best during the holiday season. Working out during the holidays will also make you feel good about all the cookies you’ll be eating!

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