Is Back Pain Hindering your Career?

Is Back Pain Hindering your Career?

Up to 80% of adults will seek treatment for work-related back or neck pain during their career.

We normally associate lower back pain with jobs that require physical labor (construction, delivery, factory work, etc.). BUT this pain is now affecting an increasing number of white-collar workers. Usually a hindrance for those who often lift, turn, bend, and engage in repetitive motions, this issue is now plaguing those who spend most of their time sitting at a desk.

Did you know that your desk and fitness are not the only factors that may lead to back and neck issues? Pyschosocial factors include your love for your career and your overall mental outlook. Instead of going right to drugs to reduce tension, try taking steps to reduce your stress and improve your job satisfaction. Excercise regularly, drink more water, and try some breathing exercises. Oh yeah–and visit your local chiropractor!

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