No Child Needs to Suffer from Asthma

No Child Needs to Suffer from Asthma

Did you know that 24% OF CHILDREN BETWEEN THE AGES OF 5 AND 17 have some limited activity due to asthma?

Asthma is affecting millions of children each year. In fact, it is the most common chronic condition among individuals under the age of 18: 6.3 MILLION. It is currently the leading cause of missed school days for children ages 5-17. Unfortunatly, our air is not getting any cleaner and asthma occurences will continue to rise. Experts are predicting a 100 million increase in cases by 2025 (children and adults).

Without a doubt, asthma hurts the sufferer the most, but we also have to consider the family. When a child battles asthma, the household can become a high-stress environment and this can truly take a toll on the health of the parents. We cannot dismiss the economic component either. On average, the parents’ loss of productivity because they have a child suffering from the condition is estimated at $719 million ($285 per child) annually. The total economic impact is estimated at almost 2 billion ($791 per child) annually.

I bet you wouldn’t think chiropractic care could offer a solution to an illness like asthma…
As a matter of fact, many in the medical field believe that asthma stems from spinal subluxations (when parts of the spine are out of alignment) that impede the neurological flow of spinal fluids. Not only do regular adjustments correct these subluxations, but Dr. Danubio uses various techniques to reduce pressure on the vertebra which it turn relaxes surrounding neck and back muscles that often constrict during an asthma attack.

Interested in the natural remedy that is chiropractic care? Check out our Chiro Kids page for more information on what chiropractic can treat and at what age you can start bringing your children in to see Dr. D. Or just give us a call today! We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

Need to hear it from another parent? Follow this link to read young Bradley’s story. Asthma significantly infringed on Bradley’s acitivity level and school attendance. His parents had tried virtually everything before they decided to take a leap of faith and bring try chiropractic. Bradley’s asthma is all but cured and his mother was so gracious that she detailed her son’s experience with chiropractic care. Click on the link above to read about their experience.

I suffered greatly from asthma as a child, but after I was introduced to chiropractic care, my quality of life significantly improved. IT CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOUR CHILD! I have several patients who have experienced significant reduction in their asthma symptoms after regular adjustments. CALL TODAY & experience how healthy you and your family are meant to be!  –Dr. Danubio

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