Posture for Life

Posture for Life

Posture is a habit. Is yours good or bad? It’s your choice!

We all know spinal posture begins at a very young age. Posture is defined by the spinal curves in both our neck (cervical lordosis) and lower back (lumbar lordosis). As we develop and begin to walk upright, our frame shapes our posture going forward. As we grow, it is up to us to maintain or correct our posture. Some factors that impact our posture include:

— the position of our head, shoulders, & pelvis (which includes hips and feet)
— scoliosis (curvature)
— hereditary and other predisposed conditions (osteoarthritis, degenerative discs & joints)
— trauma

Because many of us are not conscious of our posture and its faults, we often don’t realize until later in life that posture is one of the contributing factors to our health problems. Over time, muscle compensation will solidify spinal deviation and shifting, after which posture faults become more difficult to address. I often discuss spinal integrity and balance with my patients when it comes to spinal correction. In conjunction with that, stretching and strengthening are all part of a retraining of the muscles to support proper spinal alignment. Here are some tips for improving your posture in your daily life:

  — use a standing desk at work
 — sit up straight (especially during long stretches of sedentary positions)
 — get regular adjustments 
 — better chairs with lumbar support
 — the right mattress & pillows
 — stretching & exercise

Your health is predicated on spinal balance through posture. Our entire premise as chiropractors is about as chiropractors is about proper spinal alignment to remove nerve interference. Only you hold 100% responsibility for monitoring your posture and maintaining it. Later in life is not the time to start! After all, if our health is the most precious commodity, shouldn’t posture be right up there as well? After all, living life to its fullest begins and ends in our spinal health.

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