The Cheapest & Most Beneficial Exercise!

The Cheapest & Most Beneficial Exercise!

Did you know that stretching could be considered the most beneficial exercise for your body?

It truly is the simplest and cheapest athletic activity–requiring little floor space, no equipment or special clothes! You’re probably aware that stretching increases flexibility, but there are countless other benefits!

— improves balance, posture, and mobility
— reduces anxiety, stress, fatigue, and risk for injury
— reduces low-back pain and muscle soreness
— promotes relaxation and improves mental alertness

But remember…

— You should warm up your muscles before you stretch to avoid injury. Try jogging in place or doing a few jumping jacks.
— Never bounce. Slowly ease your body into the stretch and hold it for 20-30 seconds.
— Stretches should feel uncomfortable, but never painful. If you experience pain, stop the stretch and contact your doctor to address the underlying cause.

Contact our offices today to learn more about what you can be doing at home to improve your health. We can walk you through the best stretches for your body and current health status. Don’t wait! Let us get you on the road to better health today!

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