Why You Should Never Be Without THYME!

What is thyme anyway?

It’s herb month and Danubio Chiropractic Offices and we are spreading the word about different herbs, their uses, and–most importantly–their health benefits!

Thyme is part of the mint family and has over 400 subspecies. You are probably used to seeing a dried version of this herb on your spice rack, but what you may not have known is that its benefits stretch far beyond its culinary properties.

Thyme to boost your health!

— Thyme extract can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

— Thyme is packed with Vitamin C and is a great source of Vitamin A. Booth are great immune system boosters.

— Diffusing thyme essential oil has been shown to affect neuron activity and boost mood.

— With its fungicidal properties, thyme can be used to disinfect small concentrations of mold.

So next time you find yourself looking to spruce up your house or yard with some greenery, consider making thyme the newest addition! You may be surprised by how easily you can incorporate it into your daily health regimen.

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