What Causes Neck & Shoulder Pain?

What Causes Neck & Shoulder Pain?

We all experience neck and shoulder pain and on occasion. Let’s face it—it’s difficult to avoid when there are so many physical and psychosocial causes.

Here are just a few of the many:

 — Sitting or standing in the same position for an extended period of time.

 — Prolonged use of computer and other electronics.

 — Leaning or bending forward into a hunched position.

 — Frequently lifting and carrying too much weight (e.g. backpack, heavy purse, lifting for your job)

 — Work and/or family stress.

All of the above can result in muscular strain and spinal imbalance. Headaches can also present with neck, upper back, and shoulder pain.

But what’s really causing the pain?

The strain from these stressors can create tender points—also known as “trigger points”. They develop within the muscles or connective tissues and can be rather painful when pressure is applied. Trigger points can cause a misalignment of the spine or “subluxation”. If left unchecked, a subluxation can lead to several health issues including chronic pain and spinal degeneration.

Whether it’s spinal misalignment or just moderate shoulder pain, a CHIROPRACTIC CHECKUP is a MUST!

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