Why do Chiropractors Love Cats?

Why do Chiropractors Love Cats?

Well, maybe not all Chiropractors love cats… But Dr. Danubio sure is a fan!

Did you know that cats have 53 loosely-fitting vertebrae whilst humans only have 34! Dr. D. loves to tell his patients to get out of bed like a cat: slow with long, deep stretches.

Check out these other fun facts about cats!

— A cat’s brain is 90% similar to the human brain.

— Cats do not have a collar bone. That’s why they can squeeze into such small spaces!

— Cats have evolved to dislike water because their fur does not insulate when wet.

— Cats don’t see as many colors as humans. Scientists believe grass looks red to them.

— Cats can remember events that happened 16 hours before.

— No two cats share the same nose print. They’re considered as unique as a human fingerprint.

 — Cats are capable of producing over 100 different sounds.

— Cats have 230-250 bones (depends on the breed) vs. a human who only has 206!

— A cat’s heart rate is more than twice as fast than that of a human.

— Having a cat as a pet can reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke by nearly 30%.

Next time you get up in the morning, be sure to think like a cat and devote some much needed time to deep, slow stretches. And next time you’re in the office, be sure to ask Dr. D. about his two kitties!

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