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Struggled with asthma

My son, Bradley, has struggled with asthma ever since he was a toddler. He was always prone to getting sick and had been hospitalized for his asthma on multiple occasions. When he was 7, he experienced his worst year with asthma yet. He was in 2nd grade that year and missed 24 days of school due to hospitalization for his asthma. The worst part for him was he was very active–always playing outside with the neighborhood kids and very active in sports. He played soccer and baseball that spring but ended up missing a tournament and 2 weeks of the spring sports season. His asthma flare up was so severe that it almost landed him in the ICU.

Never been to a chiropractor

No one in our family had ever been to a chiropractor before but I had seen an article that it could help kids with asthma. That same week that I saw the article, I heard Dr. Danubio speak at the Peabody Chamber of Commerce lunch I was attending for work so I asked him if there was any truth to it. He said there was and suggested I bring my son in for a consultation. My husband was skeptical but I told him at this point we had nothing to lose. We had tried so many different asthma meds through my son’s doctor and nothing had worked great for him so visiting a chiropractor was worth a try.

Dr. D. has been wonderful for my son.

We started visiting him regularly and during the next school year when he was in 3rd grade, he missed ZERO DAYS OF SCHOOL! He went from missing 24 days to ZERO! Dr. D. had mentioned that chiropractic care in general would not only help with the asthma, but also help make his overall immune system stronger. We now have no doubt he was right! Even my husband, who was a skeptic in the beginning, is now a believer! Dr. D. helped bring my son’s quality of life back, and for a young boy who is very active and loves sports, this was a huge deal. He is now 10 years old and we visit regularly. He is still doing well! Visit Danubio Chiropractic Offices today.

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