Chiropractic Care is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Chiropractic Care is a Marathon, not a Sprint


Patients often ask, “Why isn’t chiropractic care a quick fix?” Many people maintain the perception that one adjustment will suddenly restore the body to its optimal health. This could not be further from the truth. There are actually four phases of care: Intensive, Reconstructive/Correction, Health Enhancement/Stabilization, and Optimal Health. Understanding these levels can help you realize the potential of your own phases of care.

Intensive Care (acute & chronic conditions)
— Misalignment of the spine. Issues with the joints, muscles, ligaments, and/or nerves.
— Spinal weakness and instability, spinal adjustments will not hold.
— Patient will experience stiffness, tightness, physical & emotional pain.
— Postural imbalance and Low energy level.

Reconstructive / Correction Phase
— Spine begins to respond to chiropractic care.
— Muscles relax, flexibility improves, energy increases, & fewer flare-ups.
— Less sensitivity to physical and emotional stress.
— Spine begins to accept and hold adjustments.
— Body continues to heal and strengthen through proper exercise and ongoing chiro care.

Health Enhancement / Stabilization
— Adjustments provide longer periods of relief.
— Reduced treatment schedule.
Spinal degeneration slows while function & mobility improve. Body adapts to life’s stressors much better.

Optimal / Ideal Health
— Care is reduced to maintenance geared toward reducing flare-ups.
— Frequency of care is dependent on patient needs.
— Improvement in energy level, strength, and stamina.
— Incorporating lifestyle changes to enhance health (e.g. proper diet, exercise).

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