Do you know the 5 Facets of Health?

Do you know the 5 Facets of Health?

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Many people feel that chiropractic adjustments improve our health and wellbeing. I often remind patients that chiropractic care alone is not a panacea to good health; rather, it is a combination of factors that must be consistently monitored on a daily basis. Without addressing one or more of these 5 facets of health, your body will function like a wheel missing some of its spokes–which then complicates the course to optimal health.
The 5 Facets of Health include:

— Essential in rebuilding in terms of strength, stamina, and endurance.
— Improves muscle support, which is needed to correct spinal weakness and reduce flare-ups.
— Remember, proper exercise done correctly is key!

— The high numbers of obesity is a national concern.
— Proper fuel for the body. The right foods and moderation are essential for digestion, absorption, and getting the greatest vitamins and nutrients.
— Will ensure proper nerve function and reduce toxicity and improve vascularity.

— The right amount of sleep is different for everyone but you can’t go wrong with 8 hours.
— Never sleep on your stomach (puts stress on the spine). Try to always sleep on your side or back.
— Use a proper mattress & pillow.

— Attitude determines altitude. You’ll see better results in correcting and maintaining your health.
— Don’t dwell on a setback. Remember, your body is always changing.

— 90% of nerve interference is a result of a vertebra out of alignment.
— Symptoms are the last to occur. Think of them as a warning light on the dashboard of your car.
— Without proper spinal health, you will always be at least one step away from achieving optimal health.

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