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Chiropractic Peabody MA Home Exercises

Performing home exercises that help reduce back or neck pain is always highly recommended. Danubio Chiropractic can help with mapping out home exercises that fit your schedule while reducing aches and pains from everyday activities.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising while following the proper technique can significantly reduce back and neck pain, as well as prevent future flare-ups. Aerobic exercise aids in blood flow and proper digestion which in turn keeps muscles functioning properly. Many patients have noted that their overall quality of life has improved with the implementation of a daily exercise routine.

Exercises for Chiropractic Patients

Depending on whether a patient is diagnosed into a flexion (forward bending) or extension (bending backwards) bias category regarding back pain, there are exercises that relieve pain for both. Strengthening the abdominal muscles, stabilizing pelvic muscles, and stretching the hamstrings will relieve lower back pain.
For neck pain, there are multiple exercises to stretch and restore the range of motion, such as tilting your head side to side or rolling your head in a circular motion. No matter what types of home exercises you are undergoing in addition to your chiropractic treatment, be sure to do them as instructed by your chiropractor.

Contact Danubio Chiropractic Health & Wellness today for advice on home exercises or to schedule an appointment to establish a home exercise routine.


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