Orthopedic & Neurological Testing in Peabody MA

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Just like a standard physical examination provided by a regular healthcare provider, a chiropractic examination is very much the same in terms of how a chiropractor diagnoses a patient by eliminating certain ailments to arrive at an accurate medical conclusion. Our clinic offers orthopedic and neurological testing in Peabody MA for this very purpose.

Tests of the spine in Peabody MA

Chiropractors will focus solely on the structure and function of the patient’s spine and, based on findings, will recommend a course of action to remedy issues such as allergies, headaches, and lower back pain. An orthopedic and neurological test of the spine is crucial; every exam will include a careful inspection of the spine. The patient’s active and passive range of motion will also be tested.

Range of motion

Muscles surrounding the hip and spine area will be tested for a range of motion as well. Checking for pressure points along the spine and other types of specific testing are used to confirm previous findings. The physical examination of a patient may require the use of a variety of methods to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Specific spinal segments

Static and motion palpation techniques may be used to single out specific spinal segments that show a decreased range of motion compared to other segments. X-rays may be used to locate subluxations — a change in the position of the vertebra. Other neurological testing includes a device that can detect the temperature of the patient’s skin around the spine. Higher temperatures indicate irritation of the vertebra due to unnecessary spinal pressure or nerve issues.

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