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Despite popular belief, patients who suffer from back or neck pain are often referred to chiropractors to undergo physical rehabilitation. Those who have been involved in work-related injuries or car accidents may choose to see a chiropractor before committing to expensive and invasive spinal or back surgery. Supplemented with chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation in Peabody MA can help you reach a better, more abundant life.

Healthy Lifestyle in Peabody MA

Chiropractic care ensures that patients achieve a healthy lifestyle without invasive surgery that could leave them bedridden for weeks or months. The goal of rehabilitation is to increase the range of motion and function of the healing area.

Passive vs. Active

Passive is classified as someone (or something) performing rehabilitation techniques other than yourself. Common forms are applying heat and cold packs, as well as muscle stimulation by a chiropractor. The goal is to increase blood flow and reduce muscle spasms.

Active is centered on strength, stamina, and endurance

It is when you are an active participant in the rehabilitation process. This includes using specific exercises and strength training. Like passive, this method is also used to reduce muscle spasms and flare-ups, which makes everyday activities less harsh on your body.

At Danubio Chiropractic Offices, we create physical rehabilitation programs for each individual patient depending on their needs and condition. Don’t wait, call today!


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