What is Normal Sleep?

What is Normal Sleep?

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Healthful sleep every night consists of 4 stages

Stage I
This stage lasts between 1-10 minutes. Your muscles relax, brain waves are irregular and rapid.

Stage II
Sometimes referred to as “true sleep,” stage II composes about 20% of your sleep. Brain waves become larger, images pass through our minds, and we become unaware of our surroundings.

Stage III (NREM)
Otherwise known as “Delta Sleep” or “Deeper Sleep,” stage III of sleep is when the body recovers and repairs itself. Our brain sorts through our short term memory storage, deleting any unimportant data. This is also the stage during which dreaming occurs.

Stage IV (REM)
The first occurrence of rapid eye movement sleep lasts about 10 minutes and as you go through the cycles, the REM stages get longer. Brain waves slow and become longer. If you are awoken during this stage, it is likely that you will be disoriented for the first couple minutes.

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation
— Shortened attention span
— Memory loss
— Ability to think analytically and creatively is diminished
— Decreased appetite
— Increased risk for headaches
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